The FiberScript functionality for deploying the aerial network

The poles field survey functionality allows the deployment and/or maintenance of the aerial network. Create your sections and poles sheets on a background map with the help of ergonomic software, perfectly adapted for use on a tablet.

Intuitively enter all information relating to field reconnaissance, pole type, etc..

The use of the tablet support allows the automatic generation of a COMAC study or an Excel file that can be interpreted by the CAP-FT software.

Cable pathways

Make effective note of the cable paths by indicating the type and destination of the cables. The corresponding lengths are calculated automatically.

Pole sheet

Fill in all your poles sheets using a form perfectly adapted to the input of technical data and generate your sheets in Excel format.

Compatible with CAP-FT and COMAC software

Generate a COMAC study in PCM format or an Excel file that can be interpreted by the CAP-FT software. Perform mass calculations and minimize post-processing of the CAP-FT export.

Mass import of GESPOT and PIT Orange

Import all your poles very easily thanks to the mass import of your GESPOT files in CSV format and PIT Orange in Shapefile format.

GPS coordinates

Locate your poles on the map, the software automatically shows their GPS coordinates as well as the associated addresses.

FiberScript, a flexible and modulable solution!

Depending on your needs, subscribe only to the poles field survey module or integrate our other functionalities by choosing the manholes field survey and/or the letterbox field survey.

Your field surveys recorded on the cloud

Benefit from a secure storage of your data on our servers
Exchange your data between FiberScript users
Recover your data in case of loss, theft or renewal of your equipment!

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